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  1. The Summer 2015 and Dec 2014 timetable is now available.
  2. If you are formally enrolled at UTS, you can find out your subject numbers by logging in to My Student Admin

    If you aren't enrolled at UTS and you want to look for subjects that you may be interested in, go to the UTS Handbook
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  • Locations for all semesters are published two weeks prior to the individual semesters start.
  • Continuing student enrolment info can be found here.  To avoid late fees continuing students must enrol between 27th Oct 2014 and 16th Jan 2015.
  • The full 2014 timetable can still be accessed here.
  • UTS Principal Dates.
  • Click on a subject number in the timetable for a direct link to a subject description in the UTS Handbook.
  • For more information on subject attendance requirements click on the person icon in the timetable viewing screens .